Kathy's Desk Plan

Build a Computer Desk, in One Weekend, with One Sheet of Plywood, For Under $100.00

Why I Decided to Build my Own Computer Desk
Instead of Buying One


The Problem, I need a new computer desk ""
I needed a new computer desk, the old one was slowly sagging down in the middle. mostly because it was made of that horrible stuff, particleboard. So I went shopping, but couldn't find anything I liked. Most of the computer desks on the market are made of particleboard. The really cheap ones are for sure, but what amazes me is that even desks for $200.00 and up are made of that stuff. "" Wouldn't you like to know who invented it?

Possible solution, buy a glass and metal desk
I have noticed a new trend of making computer desks with glass and metal. They look really cool, modern and sophisticated. Some of them are even reasonably priced. Now you would understand how ridiculous that would be if you knew my husband. "Honey, what happened to the (fill in the blank here, anything made of glass will do)? Oh, it broke." The coffee pot, the refrigerator shelf, etc. So that's just not an option around here.

Typical Designs and their flaws
Most of the computer desks I found have wobbly pullout keyboard trays, and I hate that. Most of the pullout trays have no room for the mouse. "" Hey, what were they thinking??? Many have no leg room, I like to move around & stretch out. I want space for my printer "", computer speakers "" and a phone "". Then there's CD's "", both music "" and software "", bills to pay "", notes for projects I'm working on "" , just lots of stuff. And I want my printer on top of the desk so I can reach it while sitting in my chair. Who thought of putting printers in inconvenient places? I see them on top of towers, so you would have to stand up to use them. Or more often, I see them pictured in cubby holes you would have to pull them out of to use, or recently I saw an ad for a computer desk with the printer pictured under the desk where I would stretch my feet out, huh? If I could talk to the designer, I'd say, "You must be kidding". But they aren't.

Consider ergonomics ""
I spend a lot of time at my computer so I wanted it to be ergonomically correct. Ergonomics is about the fit between people, their work activities, equipment, work systems, and environment to ensure that workplaces are safe, comfortable, efficient, and that productivity is not compromised. What a mouthful, but it is important. That means you should fit your computer workstation to your needs, not make your body adjust to the workstation. If you don't, you will probably get carpal tunnel syndrome, and or neck strain. These can be so severe that people to have to stop working. Many people with carpal tunnel can't even lift a coffee mug. ""So it is something to be taken seriously. Your desk, computer and chair should all be designed so as to avoid causing you these kinds physical problems. If you can find a desk on the market for under $100.00 that is sturdy and meets your physical needs, then buy it. I never could find one.

Buy plans to build a desk ""
My next thought was to find plans to build a desk. That didn't work either. I found after a lot of searching that plans are expensive, they assume you have tools, woodworking experience, and lots of time and space to build. I am an amateur woodworker, have only a drill, and a jigsaw, no workshop, and limited time.

Designed my own computer desk ""
I decided to I had to come up with my own design for a sturdy inexpensive desk. Something simple & quick. Something that didn't require specialized tools, or experience. The desk I made has a top surface at keyboard height, eliminating the need for a separate keyboard tray. It's wide enough for the mouse, if your mouse has to be on a higher surface than the keyboard, you will be straining your arm unneccessarily, contributing to the possibility of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have more experience & tools than I do, this might not be the plan for you. But if you are like me, you want something fast and simple, this may be the plan for you, and this is how I did it.

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