Kathy's Desk Plan

Build a Computer Desk, in One Weekend, with One Sheet of Plywood, For Under $100.00

Finishing Details, corners & a Uh Oh

I didn't like the look of the pointed corners, so I rounded them off. I used this small wood rasp, & after taking off the tip, I sanded the corners till they looked right to me. I also rounded the corners of the monitor shelf a little bit.


Uh Oh !
After I had the desk all assembled, I decided to use this tray for pens & stuff. But it wouldn't fit in any of my slots because the pieces of 2x4 I used for stabilization were too big & in the wrong spot. So much for planning. I'll know better next time, except I hope I'll never have to make another desk.

Anyway, I did fix it. So I removed one of the 2X4 blocks & put a smaller piece in along the back & the top. Now this tray fits. I know, it's really a silverware tray, but I like wood, so it's my pen & desk stuff tray now :~) The green lines show where I originally had the 2X4.


Now take a look at the completed desk arrow

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