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Build a Computer Desk, in One Weekend, with One Sheet of Plywood, For Under $100.00

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While working on my desk plan, I ran across several other computer desk ideas online, some are basic, similar to mine. Most are more complicated plans, and very nice if you have the time. Some are way out there, like the cardboard desk or the Lego desk. Then I saw an episode on TLC, one of those room makeover shows where they made a large desk from plywood.

So here's what I found.

This one was my inspiration, another desk plan with a single sheet of plywood. Except I wanted mine to be wider, but it helped me determine which way to go in my planning.They call it a
Study Carrel or Computer Desk

Then there's the cardboard desk, really, LOL.They call it the
Cardboard File Computer Desk

And now for some humor :), from National Lampoon,
How to Assemble an Ikea Desk

This one is a particle board desk, built into a large closet, very nice, if you have a large closet. I would have used high quality plywood instead. Scroll down to #17 on this link to see all the pictures.
Particle Board Desk

Then somebody got a custom built desk out of Legos. The builder shared this with us, but apparently no one knows who got the Lego wonder desk. I wonder what he charged for making it, the legos alone cost $2000.00 several years ago.
Lego Desk

Here's a VERY LARGE corner computer desk. It uses three sheets of plywood. I guess if you have a whole room or maybe a basement devoted to computer use, this plan is for you. He wanted space for 3 monitors, 3 systems, a home theatre receiver, DVD player, VCR, and a mini refrigerator. Hmmm, guess he's a real geek :D, he even drew his plans in Illustrator.
Huge geek desk by ARIOGRAPHICS

Then there are computer chair ideas. I didn't want to try making one myself, I just bought one at my closest office supply/computer store. But this guy made a computer chair from a leather BMW car seat, sounds like a good idea, but I'm not so sure after seeing his pictures. I would have made it by attaching the seat to a traditional office chair base that rolls & swivels.
Car/computer chair

There are sites that compile free woodworking plans, one of the biggest
is WoodWorkers Workshop you might find a plan there to suit you .

I could have made an 8 foot wide desk with almost the same design details. Here's what I imagine it would look like. You would need 2 sheets of plywood.

Then I saw a desk made on TLC that was a combo computer desk and craft desk. I really liked this idea, and might have copied it if I had seen it in time. I would have made it for my computer and for sewing. On TLC they attached the 8 foot edge to the wall, probably by screwing 2X4 to the wall, and then attaching the plywood to that. The short edge was also attached to the wall. And the craft area outer corner was supported by a small shelf unit they built for supplies.

Next, you might want to make a bathroom storage shelf

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