Kathy's Desk Plan

Build a CPU Stand with leftover plywood from the Computer Desk project

CPU Stand Design

The leftover pices provide inspiration.
After finishing my computer desk, I had a piece of plywood left, 9" by 48", and I wanted to do something with it. About 2 weeks later I came up with a plan to make a stand for my CPU. I didn't take pictures as I built it like I did for the computer desk, so I'll show you the finished stand & describe how it was done. I did take some pictures after it was assembled. .

The width of the piece, 9", naturally limited what could be done with it. There was a little of the 1X6 left over too. I decided on a box, with 2 sides from the 1X6, and 2 sides from plywood.

The 9X20" piece of plywood goes thru the middle, lying flat and resting on the 1X6's. The 1X6's are 10 1/4" long because they have to be the width of the middle shelf, 9", plus the width of the 2 side pieces of plywood. So, 9", + 3/4", + 3/4" = 10 1/2". Except the plywood isn't really 3/4", it's a bit thinner than that. So the 1X6's should be 10 1/4" or so.


Here it's all assembled.
I glued the joints and put 2 screws through the ends of the 1X6's into the plywood. Center the 20" piece of plywood across the middle, resting on the 1X6's. Put screws through the plywood and down into the 1X6's.

I rounded the corners off with a rasp. Here's what it looks like from the bottom. I think it will last a few years.

See what it looks like painted and in use ""

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